April 21st, Easter Sunday and the Bahama Blues.

Some days just start out perfect and get even more perfect – is that really possible? Well… apparently yes. After a relaxed motor sail in light SW winds from Georgetown to Rudder Cut Cay we were treated to a spectacular display of weather by Ma Nature. The approaching front from the NW was beautiful and full of energy with dramatic bolt lightning streaks as well as sheet lightning. Then Oh! received a very welcome high pressure boat wash from the heavy rain as we headed off to sleep.


As morning broke on Easter Sunday, the dramatic light show and boat wash transformed into a dead calm bay with crystal clear waters and Oh! was fresh and clean from stem to stern. How clear was the water beneath oh!. Well you could see the individual sand grains on the turtle grass three meters below the surface. The water was like a mill pond, perfect for exploring the cave, a swim and then snorkel over the piano and mermaid sculpture.

However, first we had to bail out tadpole – the Walker Bay rowing dingy. The rain had left enough water in it for a bath – but no one wanted one!????

After a beautiful relaxing morning for Carol and Steve (I was head down in GST accounting) we headed out to anchor off Musha Cay, the Illusionist David Copperfield’s private island. There is a large sand bar there I have wanted to explore for several years and it was everything anyone could have hoped for.

Wading over the bar in toe to knee deep warm waters was so relaxing. The views were jaw dropping and the kaleidoscope of turquoise, aqua and Bahama blues surrounding the tan sand bar was captivating. A beautiful soft sand foot massage in warm clear waters with every step. Perfect in every way, it was complete with a light breeze to keep you cool. Wow . . . what a great Easter Sunday.

There was even a green flash sunset! It is a shame the video did not capture the distinctive green flash…there were three witnesses to it and it was clearly there.

The sunset meant it was time for dinner – stir fried veggies, bbq potatoes and fresh from the ocean grilled Big Eye Tuna – Yum Yum!

All the very best to everyone for Easter from Oh!

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