A Magical Evening of Exploration

The subtle light of mornings and evenings has been a favourite of photographers since the technology first appeared. It is during the transition from, or to, the blackness of the night that creates the shadows and contrasts, or rich saturation’s of colour I enjoy capturing. The low angle of the sun results in a shift […]

Great Guana Cay

If the weather is settled, or from prevailing easterlies, the lee shores of Great Guana Cay provide many isolated and spectacular anchorages. You can easily find a spot to call all your own with deserted beaches, warm shallow waters to swim and paddle board in, excellent holding in soft white sand and many trails to […]

Guana Cay South

Our day started out as so many before. A paddle board or swim to the beach, some yoga, a beach walk, followed by breakfast of toast, home made yogurt, granola and fruit, with of course hazelnut coffee. For the past week I have been sailing and slowly cruising the Exuma Islands in the company of […]