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Comments from individuals and couples that have joined Oh! to experience cruising on a catamaran, making passages, or crossing oceans.

I can’t thank Oh! and crew enough for a transformational sailing experience that began in mid-2018.

I spent a month on Oh!: sailing up the eastern seaboard and across to Bermuda… learning first-hand what it’s like to be a live-aboard sailor.

I began the the trip as an enthusiastic novice: green both in skills and in the gills. I left Oh! four weeks later, still a novice sailor, but with a few hard skills, well-founded confidence and determination. Thanks to my “Oh! experience” and Rod’s boundless encouragement and patience, I knew I made the right decision to cast off and set sail on my own boat… a dream 40 years deferred.

Two months later, I left France on my own 42′ catamaran for an incredible, ongoing bluewater experience (so far, with almost 12,000nm at the helm, I’m still sailing and adding to what I learned on Oh!).

In that first month on Oh!, I also gained a mentor, (who remains a close and reliable friend), and countless memories. It’s always a treat to rendezvous with Oh! (in the past 24 months, that includes the Canaries, Bahamas, and various anchorages up the Chesapeake as far as Baltimore).

I can’t believe my good fortune for the time and benefits from sailing on Oh! Do yourself a favour, join Oh! and build some memories too. And be sure to say hello to me when you sail across my path.

Captain Theo s/v Stet

T.R. Vancouver, B.C., (sailing Charleston, NC to Bermuda)

I had a fabulous time. Best sailing experience ever!

Simply put, our 16 day sailing trip aboard Oh! was a classic sailing experience and I loved every minute of it! Rod was very patient, passionate and skillful with sailing Oh!.

He was also very knowledgeable about the rules and regulations of customs going into various islands which made our journey seamless and stress free. From planning our daily destinations to finding the best places to anchor and explore, to hiking up to the rim of an inactive volcano, each day and night was unique and more than I could have ever imagined. Our experiences
snorkelling, amazing sunsets/sunrises and who could forget the giant palette of colour the full sky rainbows produced after a heavenly tropical rain, they were truly breathtaking.  Night sailing brings its own rewards from a warm Caribbean air stillness  with a star filled sky and full moon lit sea to the glow of the many flying fish racing along the boat, a first time unimaginable experience I will never forget. Great crew, great boat, great stories, delicious meals and a lot of memories, thank you!! I would totally trust Captain Rod to sail us anywhere as he is a master!!!

70% of the world is covered by water: take the plunge and join Rod on an unforgettable sailing experience.
M.H., Calgary, Canada (sailing St. Martin to Martinique)


We had the most remarkable sailing passage with Rod on Oh!

Not only was everything perfect, but we felt in every instance , that we were safe and that Rod knew exactly what was needed to skipper the boat and make the trip truly memorable. For some one who has only heard stories from others or read about doing an offshore passage, this was definitely the most eye-opening, adventurous, and stunning journey of my life – something I will remember, draw upon and cherish for many years to come. I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of the trip: from touring around St. George’s and Hamilton on Bermuda, to being out on the open ocean at night and watching the bazillions of stars to walks along beautiful beaches and swimming in warm Caribbean waters, from ever changing meals offered on board Oh! (Including freshly caught Mahi-mahi), to culinary experiences on shore; every new activity offered new experiences. I would definitely go back for another sailing adventure with Rod on a Oh!

P.C. Calgary, Canada (passage from Bermuda to St. Martin)

I would not hesitate to fully recommend Rod to anyone wanting to experience the cruising lifestyle, build upon their own sailing experience level, or simply have a nice holiday

March 3, 2020

To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to provide the below reference for Rod Morris and his Sailing Vessel Oh!

My wife and I joined Rod and Oh! in the BVI’s for a two week period this past February. We have been working towards building our sailing days and experience to complete our Bareboat Charter Master certification. The opportunity with Rod was perfectly aligned with this goal as well as providing a fantastic holiday experience in a great sailing location. Rod is clearly a competent sailor and was a wonder host in all regards during our time with him. Rod gets top marks for the provisioning of the boat, his knowledge of the area, his patients in working with us as new sailors, and all-around good guy to hang out with. Safety is obviously an important consideration of Rod’s and at no time during our voyage did we have any concerns. Although Rod emphasized he is not a Sailing Instructor, we picked up on a number of tips from him that will assist us going forward on building our own proficiency as sailors.

I would not hesitate to fully recommend Rod to anyone wanting to experience the cruising lifestyle, build upon their own sailing experience level, or simply have a nice holiday in whatever exotic location Rod and Oh! happen to be at the time.


David Tung, Vernon, BC

Cruising the BVI and USVI

“one of the most informative, pleasant and valuable experiences of our lives

Rod Morris is much more than a highly competent sailing captain.  Of course there was never a moment during our journey that we did not feel completely safe while sailing under Rod’s command.   Rod went to extraordinary effort to expose us to new experiences on the vast aquatic playground whether employing his broad sailing experience or his gifted athletic abilities in ocean sports.  Rod made the experience safe and memorable always.

Rod’s experience as a professional geologist, also provides that your sailing experience will be much more than pleasant, entertaining or relaxing – but also a rich learning experience.  Becoming more educated on the subject of our planet’s development, learning of its majestic formations while celebrating its magnificence from the secure platform of Oh!, was truly one of the most informative, pleasant and valuable experiences of our lives. 

H&V W. Calgary, AB. (sailing Bahamas)