May 23, 2019 West End of New Providence Island, Bahamas

I could hear them calling trying to get my attention, Ted and Josefin on Stet were excited! “They are back get your camera, Rod, Rod! Get your camera!” I knew instantly what they were referring to and scrambled to unplug the camera from its charging cable and grab my mask and fins. There was no hesitation or time to think, just grab everything and slide into the clear warm waters as fast as I could. My last thought was “Don’t jump, it might scare them off”. Within seconds a life long desire to swim with wild dolphins came true.

It was magical. There were two adults and what looked like a juvenile calmly swimming toward me. Every few seconds they would roll their bodies or change their angle so they could get a better look. There is something very special about peering eye to eye with these beautiful mammals as they swam so effortlessly through the crystal clear waters. The dolphins were in no hurry to move on and actually spent a few minutes swimming around and checking out the new guy and posing for pictures.

The entire experience lasted about 3 minutes but was truly remarkable. Try as I might, even with fins on it was impossible for me to keep up with even their casual swimming pace. Eventually the dolphins moved on leaving me behind with incredible memories and some great photos!

What an incredible encounter – Oh! Yes!!

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