Waiting out North Easterly Winds at Cape Lookout

If you have to wait out northeast winds on a voyage north that are making conditions rough off of Cape Hatteras, a great place for all round protection is the Bight at Cape Lookout. The Bight offers 360° protection from the seas and is shallow with great holding. It is surrounded by literally miles and […]

Heading North

With most of the islands and countries around the Caribbean and N. Atlantic now revealing their plans for emerging from their closures and lock downs, it is clear that re-opening links for airline travel are last on their priority list. That makes running cruising experiences on Oh! virtually impossible. It also rules out any reasonable […]

Beautiful and Dynamic Morning in Pictures

After dinner last night I was treated to a beautiful display of a powerful cumulonimbus cloud on the horizon being lit up by sheet and bolt lightning. It was spectacular watching the staccato bursts of light illuminating the clouds in a pitch black sky. It also meant there was a front to the north, which […]