December 23, 2019 A Christmas Wish

It is midnight and the start of another day…just, really dark outside. Do you ever wonder why a day starts at midnight? I am sure there is some scientific reason, but somehow it escapes my still slowly energizing neurones. Anyway, it is a new day at least according to our calendar. But today is special […]

Bermudian Christmas

Bermuda is a beautiful group of islands. The topography is mostly low rolling hills that are covered in lush green foliage and tropical flowers. The contrast with the turquoise and blue waters on a sunny day is spectacular. Add to the beautiful setting the warm and welcoming people and Bermuda is a tropical paradise that […]

Living in the Fridge, Sleeping in the Freezer – but it was great fun!

It was mid-November and the weather had suddenly turned cold, very cold. In fact, forecasts were predicting record setting lows for that time of year throughout the Chesapeake. Unfortunately, due to the recent hurricane losses over the past years, my insurance providers would not insure for named storms south of Cape Hatteras until after November […]

Fall Fix’ns

It has been a busy summer and fall for Oh!. She has undergone a lot of upgrades and regular maintenance. Oh! was hauled at Annapolis from June through Mid October where all the below waterline projects were completed. These included: Replacing all 4 bronze seacocks and through hull fittings Replacing the bearings on both rudders […]