Returning to the Chesapeake Bay Area.

It was never part of the 2020 cruising plan to return to the Chesapeake Bay for the summer…it simply evolved in small increments over 8 weeks. The Covid 19 pandemic has changed so much. It does have a major impact on why we cruise and where we can go. During the past 2 months I […]

Waiting out North Easterly Winds at Cape Lookout

If you have to wait out northeast winds on a voyage north that are making conditions rough off of Cape Hatteras, a great place for all round protection is the Bight at Cape Lookout. The Bight offers 360° protection from the seas and is shallow with great holding. It is surrounded by literally miles and […]

Heading North

With most of the islands and countries around the Caribbean and N. Atlantic now revealing their plans for emerging from their closures and lock downs, it is clear that re-opening links for airline travel are last on their priority list. That makes running cruising experiences on Oh! virtually impossible. It also rules out any reasonable […]

Beautiful and Dynamic Morning in Pictures

After dinner last night I was treated to a beautiful display of a powerful cumulonimbus cloud on the horizon being lit up by sheet and bolt lightning. It was spectacular watching the staccato bursts of light illuminating the clouds in a pitch black sky. It also meant there was a front to the north, which […]

A Magical Evening of Exploration

The subtle light of mornings and evenings has been a favourite of photographers since the technology first appeared. It is during the transition from, or to, the blackness of the night that creates the shadows and contrasts, or rich saturation’s of colour I enjoy capturing. The low angle of the sun results in a shift […]

Great Guana Cay

If the weather is settled, or from prevailing easterlies, the lee shores of Great Guana Cay provide many isolated and spectacular anchorages. You can easily find a spot to call all your own with deserted beaches, warm shallow waters to swim and paddle board in, excellent holding in soft white sand and many trails to […]

Guana Cay South

Our day started out as so many before. A paddle board or swim to the beach, some yoga, a beach walk, followed by breakfast of toast, home made yogurt, granola and fruit, with of course hazelnut coffee. For the past week I have been sailing and slowly cruising the Exuma Islands in the company of […]

Secluded Anchorage

March , 29, 2020. Home for the past few days and next two is this beautiful secluded anchorage near Hetty’s Land on Great Iguana Cay. Another of nature’s gems in the Exuma Islands.

The Natural Beauty of Great Guana Cay

I am anchored just south of the point called Hetty’s Land on Great Iguana Cay. There are only two hulls in this stunningly beautiful little bay…and both belong to Oh!. It is so quiet here, the only sounds are the breeze in the rigging, waves gently lapping at the hulls and some soft music playing. […]

Boat stuff

As the world confronts the Covid19 pandemic and daily life becomes more challenging for so many, there are places where life goes on unscathed. Hopefully once this runs its course, some of you may be able join Oh! to experience some of the gems of the natural world around us. So rather than add to […]