April 21st, Easter Sunday and the Bahama Blues.

Some days just start out perfect and get even more perfect – is that really possible? Well… apparently yes. After a relaxed motor sail in light SW winds from Georgetown to Rudder Cut Cay we were treated to a spectacular display of weather by Ma Nature. The approaching front from the NW was beautiful and […]

April 5, 2019 update “Chris”

On October 22nd, 2018 Oh! set sail from La Gomera Island in the western Canary Islands to start our journey home – wherever that is. After a brief discussion with “Christopher” about our planned route (he really didn’t say much of anything, truly a statue of few words), we set off on our Atlantic crossing. […]

Oh! Update March 1, 2019

Oh! Update March 1, 2019 Wow, time really flies, especially when it is filled with new adventures everyday. After a very successful crossing from Mindelo to Antigua, Oh! has now completed the Atlantic Circuit. Over the past 12 months Oh! Has visited a lot of great places, met wonderful people and shared much if it […]

And Three Makes a Hat Trick – December 22,2018

What a year it has been. I left Beaufort NC on December 6th 2017 bound for the Caribbean Island of Antigua. The idea of an Atlantic circuit was more of a passing idea or thought than a goal. It is now December 22, 2018 and Oh! is about to set out on our longest passage […]

Madeira’s update Nov 3 2018

The arrival was dramatic. The evening sky was rapidly being occluded by an approaching squall that was overtaking us. The sunlit cliffs of Santos Island created a forbidding back drop to the rolling swell, white caps and slowly increasing wind speed as we raced ahead of the squall to our destination. The combination of a […]

Leaving the Azores…cont’d

Over the summer as Oh! explored the Azores they have slowly and steadily become my favourite Island group. A wonderful mix of 9 islands and many smaller islets that are often nature reserves. Each island is unique with interesting geography, geology and botany. There is a range of Portuguese lifestyle, culture and history that varies […]

Leaving the Azores … not so fast!

Update October 4,2018 It is 6:30 am and I can’t sleep. I have been laying awake thinking about the “to do list” that has gone through one of those sudden growth spurts recently. We are currently at the island of Santa Maria. The oldest and last Island we will visit in the Azores. Our stop […]

It all starts with, “Hi”

Update September 2, 2018. It all starts with “Hi” We have written many times about the cruising lifestyle in letters and updates to friends and guests. However, until a person actually makes the commitment to go cruising, it is difficult to put in words the experiences and constant flow of unpredictable treasured memories that develop […]

July 22, 2018 Solo Atlantic Passage

Greetings from -“almost there!” This voyage has been perfect. That seems to be the best way to describe it. The weather has been excellent. I have only experienced two good squalls and the rest of the time it has been warm sunny days and star lit nights. At no time was even a light windbreaker, […]

Welcome to Clouds To Coral

Hello, my name is Rod Morris and I am going to share my passion for exploring everything from the clouds to coral. What does that encompass? A lot! I am always amazed at people who don’t seem to have passionate pursuits. My problem is I have too many. Family, children, skiing, cycling, sailing, soaring, motorcycling, […]