Fall Fix’ns

It has been a busy summer and fall for Oh!. She has undergone a lot of upgrades and regular maintenance. Oh! was hauled at Annapolis from June through Mid October where all the below waterline projects were completed. These included: Replacing all 4 bronze seacocks and through hull fittings Replacing the bearings on both rudders […]

Moving Ahead

Work is being completed and we’re looking forward to another season sailing in the Caribbean. So far this summer Oh! has had new rudder bearings and all sea cocks and through hulls replaced. Also, new bronze cones have been received to replace the worn cones on the folding propellers. A new mainsail is being crafted […]

New look

We are making some changes and adding more content to our website, but it will take some time – Oh!…and a few visits to the clouds for a change of scenery. I hope you will enjoy the additions and changes.

Solo Passage Notes, Nassau to Annapolis – Part 2

Sunday June 2nd By morning the winds were down to 5-8 kts and forecast to go to zero around noon. As the seas quickly flattened out it became a perfect day for the sport fishing boats to come out from North Carolina. Oh! passed several dozen boats that had come out to fish for the […]

Solo Passage Notes, Nassau to Annapolis – Part 1

Monday May 27th, 2019 We had been waiting for over a week for Ted’s Swedish crew mate Josefin to get a US Visa processed. It was 9 am and she had just received notice it had arrived. Within a few minutes Stet and Oh! weighed anchors, departed our beautiful bay and headed to Nassau as […]

The yacht yard

Of all the boat yards I have been in with Oh!, there is nowhere that compares to the Bert Jabin Yacht Yard that Oh! is now hauled out at for the summer. This place is incredibly clean, welcoming and so peaceful. The travel lift at the yard could just barely fit Oh!. At one point […]

Old Fort Bay, New Providence, Bahamas. May – 25th, 2019

If you need to spent some time in the Nassau area, old Fort Bay is tough to beat. The bay is shallow – only 1-3m in most places; has a number of fringing reefs and is sheltered from the prevailing easterly winds and swell. What makes it so magical is the fact that it is […]

May 23, 2019 West End of New Providence Island, Bahamas

I could hear them calling trying to get my attention, Ted and Josefin on Stet were excited! “They are back get your camera, Rod, Rod! Get your camera!” I knew instantly what they were referring to and scrambled to unplug the camera from its charging cable and grab my mask and fins. There was no […]

April 28, 2019 – An “enlightening” evening

Some days are just a whole lot of fun. They start with the usual calm seas and beautiful skies, a wonderful snorkel, walk along a deserted beach, paddle boarding and then a casual but delicious dinner of seared tuna, butternut squash, roasted potatoes, beets and fresh tomato slices with basil. Finish it off with a […]

April 22, 2019 Fun with Fauna

Just like Sebastian says in Walt Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, the Bahamas are better “Under the Sea”, he even sang a great little tune about it. The Garden of Eden in the Bahamas is clearly in the water. Over the past four trips through the Bahamas we have seen so many great examples of this. […]