Bitter Iguana Cay

If you have to spend some time isolating yourself from the world at large, and a teeny, tiny little germ called Covid19, Bitter Iguana Cay would be very high on the list of amazing places to isolate are. It is mid-March and the beginning of the best time of the year to be in the […]

The Coffee Crisis

In the big scheme of life they are irrelevant, just one more moment out of the 34,160,000 – 53,611,000 moments I will likely have in my expected lifetime…give or take a million or two if you measure a moment as “a minute”. Multiply the above by 60 if you feel a moment is better defined […]

The Elusive Green Flash

Some days everything just seems to be well…perfect. Today was one of those days. It started at Allen Cays one of my favorite anchorages in the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas. A small horseshoe  shaped bay that only fits one or two shallow draft boats. The water is crystal clear with a soft white sand […]

The Sounds of Silence

Sometimes everything just seems to be…well, weird. Tonight that is how it feels and sounds in Nassau harbour…just plain weird. There is an almost eerie silence. None of the usual competition of sound waves all simultaneously vying to rattle your eardrums. No singing of the wind in the rigging, or waves slapping the hulls from […]

Old Fort Bay revisited.

It has been 10 months since Oh! visited this beautiful bay and beach on the west end of New Providence Island. Not much has changed, it is still a beautiful spot to get away from Nassau. Even as the Coronavirus pandemic has tourists becoming endangered species in Nassau as the giant cruise ships vanish, it […]

Cruising in the BVI

Oh!’s stay in the BVI was short this season. Only 16 days. However, it has been a fabulous time meeting other cruisers, enjoying time with my guests on Oh!, and watching them gain confidence with each passing day. Tacking up wind on a Catamaran? Yes, we do it all the time with Oh! As shown […]

A Passage From Martinique to the BVI’s

Oh! has been in the BVI’s now for 11 days and it has been a whirl wind of activity, new friends, guests and cruising in a true boating paradise. The passage from Martinique was a lot of fun. Andy ( who sailed on Oh! from Norfolk to Bermuda in November) returned to spend a few […]

16 days in January – Days 13-16 Martinique Magic!

Martinique is my all round favourite Caribbean island, it just ticks all the boxes. For marine services it is the best. Many yachtsman like Saint Martin better and if you own a super yacht I would agree. However, in Martinique the chandleries are concentrated in Le Marin and really accessible. Plus, with hundreds of smaller […]

16 days in January Part 2 – Days 10-12

It is 6am and my alarm is waking me up for the second time tonight.The rising sun breaking through the clouds makes it look like Mt. Pele, the infamous volcanic peak on Martinique’s northern end is erupting , but not today. It is simply another beautiful Caribbean sunrise. We are currently making the last of […]

Pictures from the Norfolk to Bermuda Passage in late November, 2019

This passage was very lively, dynamic weather, big waves and a great learning experience. The weather systems that originate over central and eastern United States are a big part of the Chesapeake to Bermuda passage. The dominant flow to the east and southeast of the continental weather systems collide with the generally westerly movement of […]